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Noblestride Resort

     Noblestride Resort is located in the heart of Gangtok. Conceived for tired souls longing for the fresh Himalayan breeze,  the warm comforting sunlight, the sound of chirping birds, the rustling of evergreen trees and the healing caress of Mother Nature. Breathe easy and sip on your favorite beverage; a perfect blend of inner peace with nature. 


     The resort is spread out in an area of 65,000 sqft, with a beautiful green courtyard, spilling out to the lawn full of joyful flowers. The Ranka Valley on the opposite side stands tall like a friendly green giant; after the beautiful sunset, when the day turns to night, you will see lights from the happy Ranka Village, glittering and almost dancing with the stars. 


    Not confined within concrete walls; you will be surrounded by the best of Green Sikkim, and who knows? You just might end up dancing with the butterflies in the beautiful  Noblestride Garden. 


    The resort is run by a local, with a dedicated team of happy professionals brimming with genuine hospitality, ready to welcome you in the warm Sikkimies way.


Time once gone will not come back.


     We at Noblestride understand the value of your treasured time, let us serve and shower you with laughter and sunshine!

Experience Beautiful Sikkim with the locals!


Noblestride | "Luxury in the arms of  nature."

A Noble path traveled with one confident Stride at a time. 

Part of the profit from Noblestride will be used for helping Planet Earth and promoting beauty in humans.




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