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Location: Noblestride Resort

Noblestride Resort is located in the heart of Gangtok Town, the Capital of Sikkim.

4650 feet above sea level


Distance from major land marks:

Main City Hospital 200 m.

M.G.Marg (Main market) : Walkable or 10 minutes drive.

Helipad: 10 minutes drive.


Total Property Area: 65,300 sqft.


Unique Selling Proposition:

Green Space, Parking, Heart of Town, Star Service.



Property Profile

The property has been designed considering the requirements of a 5 star deluxe resort, as per the Government of India's guidelines, viz. the room size, bathroom size, facilities et al. The property will be having a total of 55 keys, with an added amount of 15 keys  at a much later stage. (Heritage house"). 


The property consists of three main buildings, with each floor connected by bridges.

Classification of rooms: 1) Suites, 2)Cottage Rooms, 3)Super Deluxe Rooms, 4)Deluxe Rooms, 5)Standard Rooms.


Detail profile of key areas of Noblestride Resort:


A) Main Reception Area: 2700 sqft.

B) Restaurant Lobby: 260 sqft. 

C) Banquet Hall: 2300 sqft ( New Block to be constructed after operation of main Resort).

D) Multipurpose hall: 1200 sqft area.

E) Multi cuisine restaurant: 1400 sqft area.

F) Open air Court Yard: 1800 sqft area.

G) Garden Area: 20,000 sqft area.

H) Kitchen Area: 1,600 sqft area.

I) Laundry Area: 500 sqft area.

J ) Back of House Area (Staff locker room, Uniform room, Cafeteria, Hotel Store, Linen Room, Loading/unloading bay, security room, garbage, vegetable wash, service lift, and stair): 2300 sqft area.

K) Banquet Hall: (Construction/ design in Phase III)

L) Infinity pool: (Construction/ design in Phase III)

M) Health club: (Construction/ design in Phase III)

N) Spa: (Construction/ design in Phase III)




A) Suite Rooms: 3 Keys,  650 sqft per room 

B) Cottage rooms: 5 Keys, 377 sqft area per room.

C) Super Deluxe Rooms: 21 Keys, 371 sqft area per room

D)  Deluxe rooms: 18 Keys, 323 sqft area per room.

E) Standard rooms: 8 Keys, 311 sqft area per room.



The Main building or Block .1 consists of :

Total Area: 3000 sqft

A multipurpose hall, Reception Area, 

Suite 3 Keys, Super Deluxe Rooms: 5 Keys, Cottage rooms: 5 Keys, Deluxe rooms: 10 Keys.

Total Rooms: 23 Keys.


The Building No.2 or Block.2  consists of :

Total Area: 2300 sqft

Back of House Area, Kitchen,

Deluxe rooms: 8 Keys, Standard rooms: 8 keys

Total Rooms: 16 Keys.


The Building No.3 or Block.3  consists of :

Total Area: 2000 sqft

Restaurant Alternate Reception Lobby, Restaurant,

Super Deluxe rooms: 16 Keys


PHASE I - Partial Operation

The resort is scheduled for "partial operation" by March of 2019.

The operation would include 13 keys, restaurant & Multi-purpose hall.

60% of the existing garden area.

Guest Entry would be through the restaurant lobby  (Building 3).


PHASE II - Partial Operation

Addition of 13 keys, making the total room inventory to 26 keys.

100% garden area, with the ongoing work of the swimming pool, Spa and Health club.

Guest Entry would be through the alternative reception lobby  (Building 3).

Expected time range, 6 months.


PHASE III - Full operation

Completion of all  55 rooms and ongoing works for completion of Banquet hall.

Expected time range:18 months.


6-Room Allotment.png
4-Floor Area.png
5-Construction Status.png


Investors Download Documents 

Future Expansion

Ranka Valley Luxury Camping


Total Property Area:  4 Acre.




Hiking/ Mountain Biking/ transport to campsite,

Distance from resort: 1-hour leisurely hike or 20 minutes drive or 30 minutes mountain biking.

Campsite: Cultural Show, Bonfire,  River side-walk, Enjoy live cooking in a Traditional house with traditional kitchen,

Option to camp or return back to resort.

The Ranka-Hill property will be used for supplying organic vegetables to the resort, including seasonal flowers.

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