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Mandaar Hotel

Location Map

Site Plan

Mandaar Location Map-Model.jpg

Mandaar In a Nutshell


Development Area. Heart of Gangtok Town. 10 Minutes Drive from MG Marg.

Walking Distance from MG Marg. Will take 30 minutes to walk to MG Marg.



The Building was constructed in the early 90s. The building was constructed for a residential purpose for the landowner. However, landowner got a bigger land later and constructed cottage. The building was then converted to a hotel. The building was leased out for 10 years to West Bengal Tourism.


The reason of selling the property:

Although the property is located in a prime location, the landowner wants to sell it, due to the fact: Fund required to invest in the ongoing 5-star hotel project of the landowner situated in Gangtok. 


Technical Details:

The average area of the building per floor: 2000 sqft 

The average parking area: 2000sqft

Total floors: 5 and a half

Total Guest Rooms: 13 Guest Rooms with one Multi-Purpose Hall.

Area of Multi-Purpose Hall: 1500 sqft


Selling options:

Selling of Building or Long term Lease


A) Selling of Building:

Serious Buyers Please contact: +919609889999



Location, Parking Space, Mountain View, Building Design, and Structure.

Plans & Drawings Download

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