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Service Apartments

Additional 8 Nos Service Apartments at Building 3 to be done after main resort is operational. (Picture below is just a vague concept picture and not the final plan).

Professional Growth
Small Resort.jpg
Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas.jpg

Heritage Property

The owner plans to later integrate the Heritage property with the resort. The total expected rooms are 10 Keys. The pictures of the existing property are shown below.

Spa & Recreational Area Concept

Ranka Valley Adventure Tourism

Total Property Area:  5 Acre.




Hiking/ Mountain Biking/ transport to Luxury campsite,

Distance from resort: 1-hour leisurely hike or 20 minutes drive or 30 minutes mountain biking. Maximum Buddhist Monasteries and 'Tourist spots' including paragliding falls on the way.

Campsite: Cultural Show, Bonfire,  River side-walk, Enjoy live cooking in a Traditional house with traditional kitchen,

Option to camp or return back to resort.

The Ranka-Hill property will be used for supplying organic vegetables to the resort, including seasonal flowers.

Girl Camping
Mountain Biking
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