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Noblestride Resort  

"Luxury in the arms of nature."

Noblestride Resort is located in the heart of Gangtok Town, the Capital of Sikkim.

4650 feet above sea level


Distance from major land marks:

Main City Hospital and Medical College 200 m.

M.G.Marg (Main market) : Walkable or 10 minutes drive.

Helipad: 10 minutes drive.

Near all Tourist spots in Gangtok.


Total Property Area: 65,300 sqft (Includes **Heritage Building: Residential Cottage of owner)


Unique Selling Proposition:

Green Space, Parking, Heart of Town, Nature/ Adventure Tourism at 5 acre land at the nearby Ranka Valley.



3D RENDERED PICTURES (click to enlarge)

Location: Noblestride Resort

PHASE ONE UP & HAPPENING! (click to enlarge)

The property has been designed considering the requirements of a 5 star deluxe resort, as per the Government of India's guidelines, viz. the room size, bathroom size, facilities et al. The property will be having a total of 42 keys, with an added amount of 8 to 18 keys  at a much later stage, where the existing "Heritage House" will be converted into a part of the resort.


The property consists of three main buildings, with each floor connected by bridges.

Classification of rooms: 1) Suites, 2)Cottage Rooms, 3)Super Deluxe Rooms, 4)Deluxe Rooms, 5)Standard Rooms.


Detail profile of key areas of Noblestride Resort:


A) Main Reception Area: 2760 sqft.

B) Multi-cuisine Restaurant: 1850 sqft. 

C) Banquet Hall: 2300 sqft 

D) Multipurpose hall: 1200 sqft area.

E) Courtyard & Garden space: 25,000 sqft area

F) Kitchen Area: 1,600 sqft area.

G) Laundry Area: 500 sqft area.

H ) Back of House Area (Staff locker room, Uniform room, Cafeteria, Hotel Store, Linen Room, Loading/unloading bay, security room, garbage, vegetable wash, service lift, and stair): 2300 sqft area.

I) Infinity pool: Included in a separate Block.

J) Health club: Included in a separate Block.

K) Spa: Included in a separate Block.



A) Suite Rooms: 650 sqft per room 

B) Cottage rooms: 370 sqft area per room.

C) Super Deluxe Rooms: 370 sqft area per room

D) Deluxe rooms: 330 sqft area per room.

E) Standard rooms: 311 sqft area per room.

F) Minimum Washroom area: 55 sqft.

The Main building or Block .1 consists of :

Total Area: 3000 sqft / Slab

A Multipurpose hall, Reception Area & Guest Rooms

The Building No.2 or Block.2  consists of :

Total Area: 2300 sqft / Slab

Back of House Area, Kitchen & Guest Rooms


The Building No.3 or Block.3  consists of :

Total Area: 2000 sqft / Slab

Commercial Area, Restaurant Lobby, Restaurant & Rooms

Profile 44.png

The Business

Average Room Revenue as per market survey of competitor: Rs.7000/- (Rupees seven thousand) only.

120 days taken to calculate 100% occupancy per Annum. 

Gangtok, the capital of the state Sikkim is known for its beautiful landscapes,  hospitable people, fresh mountain air, and greenery.  It is one of the most peaceful states and has been a part of India in 1975-1978.  It is the state where income tax is not charged on the locals (Sikkim Subject Holders), this condition was laid down by the King of Sikkim when India took over the country.  It is also the state where 30%  of the investment amount (maximum subsidy 5 crores) is under subsidy scheme and hence returned back by the Government viz. North East Industrial Development Scheme (NEIDS). Furthermore, Sikkim is the only state in India where Casino is allowed. Goa, on the other hand, has a "sea-based" casino, as such is not allowed on land.

The Market

The Resort is at an average distance of 200 m away from the ICFAI University, Government Multi-speciality Hospital cum Medical College. It is 10 minutes drive from the main Mall (MG-Marg) and is surrounded by tourist spots. In a nutshell, it is in the heart of town.  
Sikkim has a lot of beautiful natural tourist spots to visit since Gangtok is the capital, all tourist make it a point to visit the capital.  Gangtok has a very few premium hotels, out of which Noblestride will stand out due to its green space and location. The area, ambiance, and location of the resort will further cater to the high local demand for a banquet and other events. The capital lacks recreational activities for children, which will be integrated into the resort.



Noblestride Resort and Spa has been conceptualized through years of planning and vision by the proprietor. The resort has been designed through dedication and passion on creating a business which shines out in quality and meaning.

The brand name is created by a combination of two words: “Noble” meaning “Good” and “Stride” meaning “Step”. The brand Noblestride is thus created to profit as well as to genuinely contribute to helping the environment and the society on the whole.

The Icon and the brand name have been Trade Marked vide.TM Application No.3918677 Class 43 and 39. The Icon represents the “N” for “Noble” and “S” for “Stride” marked in blue and green respectively. The Icon also represents an arrow pointing up, showing the positive growth of the firm. The arrowhead, as well as the “S” in the icon, is marked in green, representing the growth of the firm in harmony with nature/ life. The blue “N” for Noble stands for the sky and the infinite growth of the firm (though intangible and tangible positive contributions).



The project is due to be operational by 2020

The property to be managed/ operated by a reputed brand Viz. Management Contract / Franchise/ Lease 

Interested party/parties are requested to kindly contact the Proprietor at +91 9609889999,

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